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Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Does it Take?
A: Most of my visits focus on a single major problem on a single type of machine. My goal is to figure out problems of this scope in a single day in the plant. If it takes less time, many will be prepared for me to look at other machines and other problems. If it needs more time, I will typically give you homework and/or suggest a follow-up visit.

Q: What does Dave need?

  1. A problem that I am qualified, experienced or feel comfortable helping you with.
  2. A mutually acceptable date. My lead-time can be as little as a couple of days in the summer and winter, if you are flexible to the day of the visit. It can, however, be as long as many weeks in the much busier spring or fall if you require a specific date for visit, such as to perhaps coincide with a particular production run.
  3. Clear travel instructions and/or map from the airport, to a suggested hotel and to the plant. Secretaries often have directions such as this in their files.

Q: What does the client need?
A: You may need to make other arrangements prior to bringing me in depending on the policies of your company. Common prerequisites include purchase orders and secrecy (a.k.a. CDA or non-disclosure) agreements.

Q: What preparations are there for a consulting visit?
A: Though each problem is unique, there are several preparations to consider so that a visit is most productive. It is helpful to know how much the difficulty is costing the company, so that an appropriate level of remedy can be applied. It is also helpful to know what the top causes of waste and delay are to get a sense of the environment as well as possible interactions. If the difficulty is a defect, save samples as much as practical. If the difficulty is process upsets, document the occurrences as best as possible. If the product is unusual, send me a sample prior to the visit. If the machine is unusual, send me a web path diagram prior to the visit if one is readily available. Helpful people resources may include machine operators, process engineers, customer service, maintenance and so on depending on the problems.

Q: How to schedule a visit?
A: Simply call and we will select a mutually available date.
(920)-312-8466 or e-mail

Q: What about foreign work?
A: I do travel to other countries including overseas.  I will try to keep costs to a minimum and will not usually exceed $15,000 for 3 days of work plus 2 travel days plus expenses. Canada and Mexico – Your country’s immigration laws requires a letter of request on company letter head or a PO sheet so that I can get a work permit.  Your purchasing department should know how to do this.